2017 Vendor Introductions- Brighton Wool and Honey Company

We love introducing new faces to our Handpicked event and Brighton Wool and Honey Company is no exception to that. Brighton Wool and Honey Company is a small family farm located in northeast Ohio organically raising honeybees, alpaca, sheep and goats on our 18 beautiful acres of fruit trees, wildflower, herbs and clover. 


We offer gorgeous, raw, wildflower honey and bee pollen as well as our velvety smooth, absolutely unique Lavender Infused Creamed Honey. We use honey and goat's milk to handcraft our rich and creamy, luxuriously nourishing all natural bar soap. Additionally, we have formulated our own hardworking, yet gentle All Natural Lavender Laundry Soap that pairs perfectly with own newly added 100% Felted Wool Dryer Balls.

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