2017 Vendor Introductions- Instant by Will

Weddings are all about interactions. Instant by Will is an Instant Photo Booth that uses Polaroid cameras and a personalized setup to create a fresh interactive experience.

We take the traditional photo booth and turn it into an edgy, yet classic experience. Using Polaroid cameras and a backdrop built to fit your vision, the Instant Photo Booth provides elegance, fun and whimsy to wedding receptions, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and more.

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2017 Vendor Introductions- Wanderlust Jewelers

The wedding ring symbolizes unity and commitment. At Wanderlust Jewelers, they are committed to creating the perfect ring for you and your partner. 

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Each step of our process is a creative journey we take with our clients; from the first round of sketches to the final product, everything is done by hand. This collaborative process with each client helps capture your story and translate it into a lasting expression.  

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2017 Vendor Introductions- AAble Rents

There is nothing AAble Rents doesn't cover (literally). From their tents, to tables, to really everything in between; whatever it is you are looking for you are sure to find it here!

Our Core Values are Quality and Service. Many companies say these two words; we live them every day. We recruit, train, and promote individuals that fit into this culture. We know that our biggest resource is not the equipment or tenting we provide, but the people who provide you with it. These individuals ensure that the equipment and tenting that you receive will meet or exceed your expectations. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent experience every time you call or meet with us. We have found customers expect consistency throughout each sales/delivery/pickup cycle. We cannot make a career out of one time renters—only paychecks.


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2017 Vendor Introductions- Kathleen Rose Hair

You want to look gorgeous from head to toe on your wedding day. With the help of Kathleen Rose Hair, you will see your locks transform into the wedding hair that you've always dreamed of. 


Kathleen Rose is a hair stylist specializing in nature-inspired, lived-in haircuts, colors, and styles. She spent 10 years training and working in top salons in Columbus and New York City, along with styling for editorial, bridal, and New York Fashion Week. Now she brings her talent, creativity, and passion to the Cleveland area at her own studio in Rocky River. Her signature looks are soft, feminine, and classically beautiful.

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