2017 Vendor Introductions- Modern Luxe Studios

All women are beautiful, no matter their age, shape, or size. At Modern Luxe Studios, they are determined to let your beauty shine through.

ANY GROOM would LOVE boudoir as a wedding gift (Trust me they tell me all the time)! But I understand for some women boudoir can a bit intimidating. This is why is so important to me to me to have an intimate, female staffed, boudoir focused studio. I have shot boudoir for over 350 local women and even though 90% of them walked in nervous or out of their element everyone always leaves with a little more confidence in their step. My goal is not just to surprise your partner, but for you to see how beautiful and sexy you are! I've had clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, and I would love to show anyone what an awesome experience this can be!

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